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Sublette USD 374

Tailgate Party, Fri, Sept 13 5:30-6:30 pm - Ellinwood before the football game (see article below). The Hugoton HS VB Tourney schedule is under Quicklinks below on the Left.Vaping article below. The 2019-2020 Activity & Sport schedules have been updated and are in the article below.

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    I have received the following information from KSHSAA on Vaping and wanted to share it with everyone. As I stated at parents night I will make an effort to share pertinent information that I receive. Please take time to read the article and then click on the links at the bottom as it shares information on Vaping. At Sublette MS & HS we are taking a strong stand on eliminating Vaping in our schools.

    I hope this is helpful information. Mr. Marlin


    Vaping or e-cigarette use is growing rapidly in our schools. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 20% of high school students vape. The Kansas State Board of Education has created a task force to assist schools in addressing this issue by creating educational resources related to building a vape-free school, risk awareness, and cessation. Links to several of the resources available can be found below and many more resources will become available in the future. Additionally, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has started addressing this issue through online educational content found at NFHSLearn.com, with the Understanding Vaping and E-Cigarettes course.

    Thank you for your continued efforts in promoting the health and safety of our Kansas students!

    Kansas Online Resources:

    Vape-Free Schools

    Kansas Vape-Free Schools Toolkit

    8 Elements of a Vape-Free School

    NFHS Anti-Vaping Information:

    Legal Issues From E-Tobacco Use by Student-Athletes

    Vaping Epidemic-New Challenge for Athletic Administrators

    Vaping in Crisis Stage and Must be Stopped

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    Friday, September 13

    5:30-6:30 pm

    We will be serving up fresh hamburgers from Ellinwood Packing along with chips and water.


    Before the Sublette and Ellinwood HS Football Game

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    Saturday, Sept. 21 & 28

    Seward County Community College
    1801 N. Kansas Ave
    Liberal, KS

    Instructor: Tina Stucky

    9:00 am-Noon; room A140

    Cost: $15.00

    Gearing up for your ACT test?

    This class will offer test-taking strategies, an overview of each section of the ACT test and how to best prepare, a timed practice test of each section, and the opportunity to go over your results and how to improve your score.

    To register or for more information, call 620.417.1170.

    Cancellations must be made one (1) week prior to class to receive a refund.

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    Attention - ALL DRIVERS!

    The Lines Are There For A Reason

    Please use the correct entrances and exits while driving in the Sublette High School parking lot. DO NOT drive over the parking spaces (do not drive across the painted lines) to get to where you are going! It only takes a few extra seconds to enter and exit the parking spaces properly. This will help keep our students and other drivers safe! Thank you!

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    2019-2020 Sports & Activity Schedules

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    School Bus: Flashing Lights and Stop Arms

    School Bus Safety Reminder for All Drivers

    As the school year gets ready to start we all are getting out and driving more, we are going to be meeting numerous school buses in town, on county roads, and highways.  With the added time on the roads, our responsibilities behind the wheel greatly increase. During this time of year, I receive numerous calls of motorists not stopping for school buses with their red lights flashing and the stop arm out. As responsible motorists, we should all watch for the red flashing lights on the front and rear of the bus, in addition to the stop arm on the driver side of the school bus.  Each school bus is equipped with red flashing lights to the front and rear of the vehicle.  When the stop arm is activated, those red lights will be flashing.  At the point the lights begin flashing, it is a violation of Kansas Law KSA 8-1556 to overtake the school bus from either direction.  The driver should stop in the road and wait for the bus to either resume motion or until the red lights quit flashing and stop arm is no longer out.

    On many traffic stops of this nature, I have had motorists advise me that they didn't see the stop arm on the bus. The solution to this problem is simple. Watch for the two flashing red lights on the front and rear of the bus. These stop lamps will be mounted as high and widely spaced as possible depending on the manufacturer of the bus.

    The second most common response I get on these stops is, "The lights came on, I was already beside the bus, so I kept going."  The solution to this problem is to stop when the lights come on.  The stop arm is not a traffic light. There is no "floor it through yellow" concept with school buses.

    Following these suggestions will help keep our most precious cargo safe coming from and going to school.

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