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The Red & White football scrimmage will be held at the football stadium on Fri, Aug 28th at 6:30 p.m.. The New School Start Date is Wednesday, Sept 2nd at 8:00 a.m..

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MS/HS Sports & Activity Schedules

All the MS & HS Activity & Sports Schedules are on their own page, which is located on a link titled, "MS/HS Activities & Sports Schedules," which is located  on the left side of the front page, four lines down from the top. Click on the link and then you can then click on whichever sport or activity you are interested in and then print the schedule if you desire.  read more


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Transportation & Maintenance Requests

Our maintenance & Transportation Requests are no longer on a button as we have discontinued using the former software that were linked to these two items. We are now using just regular E-mail to contact Bob McMullen and Leroy Loewen to get this information to them. The links to their E-mail accounts are located on the Employee page . . . read more

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School Bus: Flashing Lights and Stop Arms

School Bus Safety Reminder for All Drivers

As the school year gets ready to start we all are getting out and driving more, we are going to be meeting numerous school buses in town, on county roads, and highways.  With the added time on the roads, our responsibilities behind the wheel greatly increase. During this time of year, I receive numerous calls of motorists not stopping . . . read more


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