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Sublette USD 374


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KAY's Contact

Sublette High School


Eryn Stokes, Sponsor

PO Box 460
Sublette, KS 67877

Office: 620.675.2232
Fax: 620.675.8347

E-mail: estokes@usd374.org

What is the Kansas Association for Youth?

The Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) is a character-building, leadership-training service program directed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. This nationally acclaimed organization provides students an opportunity to learn to assume their citizenship responsibilities and to enrich their personalities through well-organized programs, projects, and parties. Programs educate, inspire, and direct members into carefully planned service projects. These projects emphasize four areas of service school, community, nation, and world.

The Kansas Association for Youth is a student association unique to Kansas and started in 1946 under the direction of Miss Wanda May Vinson. After sixty years, the KAY program continues to grow and develop by seeking to fill the needs of current and future generations.

Who can join KAY?

All boys and girls in grades 7-12 whose schools are members of the KSHSAA may join the KAY Club in their school. By belonging to KAY, these students can experience the concept of teamwork...that they are all unique individuals and that by working together, they can achieve a desirable goal. Through KAY, students can sharpen their leadership skills as well as build their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, KAY school service projects can help promote school spirit and pride. In KAY, students are developing an attitude for life regarding leadership and service—an attitude of “we get to” rather than “we have to.” They are learning at a young age about assuming their citizenship responsibility.


There are many benefits in favor of activities such as the Kansas Association for Youth. Students who participate in activities tend to have higher grade point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates, and fewer discipline problems. Activities also contribute greatly to school spirit, and they help make school much more enjoyable.


KAY Leadership Camp

KAY Leadership Camp (KLC) provides students the opportunity to develop leadership potential, enrich personalities, create awareness of citizenship responsibilities, and develop a desire to become involved in those programs and projects which help to build a better world in which to live.

KAY camp has been rated by several national groups as one of the finest leadership training programs in the nation. Camp delegates have an opportunity to learn leadership techniques, methods of group guidance, and ideas for programs, projects, and parties. A wide variety of activities take place during the week. The spirit, confidence, and enthusiasm generated at KLC are SUPER FANTASTIC!

Regional Conferences

KAY Regional Conferences, held in the fall, are an exciting power-packed day that affords opportunities for student leaders and sponsors from neighboring clubs to share successes and challenges, as well as exchange ideas. Sessions in leadership training and organizational skills are offered as well as opportunities to share resources. A highlight of each conference is a speech presented by a motivating and inspiring individual. Regional Conferences provide an opportunity to recognize clubs for their previous year’s accomplishments. New area leaders are elected, and delegates (officers and board members) enjoy fellowship and fun. Motivated and inspired, delegates return to their clubs to challenge their local members.

Unit Conferences

KAY Unit Conferences, held during the winter months, are designed to focus on club leadership on the local level. The half-day conference gives KAY students from neighboring communities the opportunity to share project and program ideas and work together on a service project. Delegates return to their clubs motivated and focused on making a difference!

Achievement Recognition

The Kansas Association for Youth stresses group involvement, and a “point system” has been devised to award any worthwhile project. It is hoped that participation by a large percentage of the members will develop an appreciation for their responsibilities as citizens in a democracy.

Awards are given to clubs that have earned 1000 points during the year.

Clubs may elect to participate in the point system; however, it is not a requirement for membership.

In KAY — You don’t “have to” do anything; you “get to” do everything!



I will, as a member of the Kansas Association for Youth, endeavor to maintain the high ideals of my organization, to make my personality a positive influence in the life of my school and my community, and pass on an association that will be a challenge and inspiration to future members.

Today For Tomorrow

Laugh, Love, Lift


We, the youth of Kansas, interested in becoming adult citizens worthy of the democratic traditions of our country, will endeavor to fulfill the six objectives of the Kansas Association for Youth.

  1. Character (Laugh, Love, Lift)
  2. Health (Physical & Mental)
  3. Service (School, Community, Recreation) -
  4. Leadership (Citizenship & Caring)
  5. Nation, World)
  6. Appreciation (Friends, All Races, Self)
  7. Recreation


As a youth in the years of decision, I believe these rights and privileges are mine:

  • To love and be loved
  • To think creatively
  • To seek the truth
  • To appreciate and respect all races
  • To enjoy fun and laughter
  • To share with my family and friends
  • To strive to be a good citizen
  • To live a healthy lifestyle
  • To give me to a cause
  • To take the long look

Students Speak Out on KAY

“Joining the KAY Club was one of the best things I have ever done! Through our KAY organization, our school has learned the importance of working together, communicating, and that helping others is a very important part of life.”

“A good and effective organization touches many individuals, not only its members. Volunteering time in the community peaks an awareness of what needs there are. In KAY, I’ve learned that nothing speaks louder than action.”

“The KAY Club is a very important part of our school for many reasons. Not everyone can play sports or play an instrument, but everyone has the opportunity to join KAY! KAY teaches leadership skills, responsibility, and the importance of helping others. Without clubs such as KAY, students wouldn’t acquire skills to prepare them for their futures.”

“I believe KAY has prepared me for a bright future, no matter what path my life may take. The KAY slogan, motto, and objectives are simple, but they are the basics for living a fulfilling life. I have learned valuable teamwork and leadership skills and the importance of service to and appreciation of others.”

“What I most enjoy through my experience in KAY is seeing the development of my own personal character. I see a positive change in myself I know stems largely in part through my interaction with this club. I have come into contact with so many youths and adults who have helped me realize the person I want to be. The example given by these leaders is a true gift and one I hope to pass on.”

“KAY Leadership Camp is awesome! Not only do I now have friends all over the state, but I am also confident I can return to my club and be an effective leader.”