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Sublette USD 374


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Wall of Honor Inductees

Sublette High School

"Wall of Honor" Inductees

The Sublette High School’s “wall of honor” was created in the spring of 2001. The alumni presented the proposal to the principal, superintendent, and Unified School District # 374 Board of Education. With the approval of those mentioned above, the “wall of honor” became the highest honor Sublette High School can bestow on a graduate.

Nominations are accepted during the spring, with the requirements being that a nominee must have graduated from Sublette High School at least 20 years earlier and should be a positive role model for future SHS graduates. Other qualifications that the committee will consider include professional accomplishments and community service.

Nomination forms are available from January 1st to May 1st, and you can find a link to open the form and print it off to the left under QuickLinks. A selection committee of faculty and Sublette High School alumni will select the individuals to be inducted. The ceremonies will usually take place in October each year. A nomination remains active for three years. Alumni dues of $10.00 per year or a $300.00 lifetime membership support the “wall of honor.”

The Scarlet and the Gray

Other schools have different colors
And different emblems too
But the sons of glorious Sublette
To the Scarlet and Gray are true.

We love our blue-eyed daisy
And the rising sun today;
The sons will e’re be faithful
To the Scarlet and the Gray.

Thru the four long years of study
We went our busy way
And we foster our ambitions
Which we hope to reach someday;

But still, we have our pleasure,
And our games of skill display;
And we’ll fight for dear old Sublette
For the Scarlet and the Gray.

When in future years we’re thinking
Of the happy days gone by
And joys we had in singing
In the halls of Sublette High,

Our memories will remind us Of our studies
and our play, And the day we spent in Sublette
Neath the Scarlet and the Gray.

2001 Inductees

Cecil C. Baker
Class of 1924

Cecil Baker is honored for inspiring greatness in others. He is honored for his legacy, and the influence he had on his students, athletes, and family. Cecil dedicated 19 years to students at Sublette Grade School as teacher, principal, and coach. Many of his students credit him as the person whose wisdom and encouragement helped them to be and to do their best. Cecil is also honored for working to improve his community as Fire Chief and by establishing Rotary in Sublette.

Edward Hall
Class of 1937

Edward Hall is honored for his contributions to the economic growth of Haskell County. His involvement with the cattle industry led to the organization of three feed yards and several cattle-related businesses. Ed is also honored as one of the few athletes to letter in three sports on the college level and for many years service to his community through Sublette City Council. Grade School Board, and Rotary.

Eltrude Elliott Hall
Class of 1937

Eltrude Hall is honored for her role in preserving history. Her leadership and expertise helped to establish the Haskell County Historical Society. She has served the Society as a Board member and has donated pieces of history to display in the museum. Eltrude is also honored for her philanthropic work in the community and for contributing to the education of youth by giving scholarships and donating her time.

Otto Schnellbacher
Class of 1941

Otto Schnellbacher is honored for his achievements in both college and professional sports. In addition to being a college All-American. he was a three-time All-Pro defensive back. Otto was inducted into the University of Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and was given the 2000 Distinguished Service Award. He has also received two Man of the Year awards.

Sharryl Holloway Davis
Class of 1961

Sharryl Davis is honored for her influence in the field of education. She has contributed her writing or management skills to the classroom by way of social studies textbooks for students and workshops for educators. Sharryl has also been involved in educational research that has adapted materials for visually impaired students and analyzed social studies teaching practices.

2002 Inductees

Jo Ellen Bale Androes
Class of 1948

Jo Ellen Androes is honored for her work on behalf of Alzheimer’s patients, particularly patients in Southwest Kansas. Jo wrote policies and procedures for established Alzheimer special care units that set the standard for nursing home procedures in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Jo has served several roles in organizations concerned with the welfare of Alzheimer’s disease. Jo has also been active in Kansas politics and the Back Yard Peace Corps.

Jack Swartz
Class of 1951

Jack Swartz is honored for his leadership in business. He is credited with building the largest business association in the state of Nebraska. As president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry, he represented the Nebraska business community before state and federal governments as well as in foreign countries. Nebraska’s strong business climate is a legacy to Jack and to his skills in leadership and management. He was inducted into Nebraska’s Business Hall of Fame in 2000.

Dennis Elliott
Class of 1958

Dennis Elliott is honored for his world-wide work designing and implementing automated transit systems at airports and in urban applications. He co-founded and has served as president of Lea+Elliott, Inc., a company that specializes in automated transit systems. Lea+Elliott, Inc. has - ten offices in the U.S. and was selected as Arlington’s Outstanding Small Business in 1995. In addition, Dennis owns interests in several agribusinesses in Southwest Kansas as well as barbecue restaurants in Colorado.

Joe David Starke
Class of 1977

Joe David Starke, M.D., is honored for his work in surgical oncology. He not only fights cancer in the operating room, but he has also fought cancer in the research laboratory. Joe David has taught surgery skills to students from Oklahoma to West Africa. While in Africa, Joe David served the Manna Mission Hospital in Teshie-Nungua, Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He currently is the American College of Surgeons Cancer Liaison and the Vice-Chair for the Department of Surgery at Boone Hospital Center.

2003 Inductees

Dorsey F. Elliott
Class of 1934

Dorsey Elliott is honored for his role in the development of Sublette. Dorsey’s work with the Sublette Agricultural Development (SAD) Corporation brought a John Deere dealership to Sublette, obtained land for Collingwood Grain, and established Sublette Feeders. Dorsey’s service on both the school board and his church board resulted in new buildings for Sublette High School and the United Methodist Church. Dorsey drilled one of the first irrigation wells in Haskell County, pioneered flood irrigation techniques, and maintained an award-winning herd of Shorthorn cattle. Honors bestowed on Dorsey include induction into the Washburn University Athletic Hall of Fame and Southwestern College’s Servant Leadership Award.

Beulah Kells Lucas
Class of 1951

Beulah Lucas is honored for her work with the Sublette American Legion Post 205. She led the way for the renovation of the Legion building, and she honored Haskell County veterans in a keepsake book that she wrote and compiled. She served as president of the Legion Auxiliary. Auxiliary honors include the 2001 Kansas Legion and Auxiliary Woman of the Year and the Department of Kansas’s Unit Member of the Year. Beulah regularly writes a newspaper column and is involved in countless activities and organizations in Haskell County. She was the inspiration behind the gazebo in the city park and the new banners on Main Street.

Kenneth Birney
Class of 1954

Kenneth Birney is honored for his contribution to the research and development of atomic power. Kenneth had over 35 years experience in the nuclear industry in the areas of analysis, design, and testing. He worked extensively with the control rods of an atomic reactor to develop the best way to control the rate of fission and to safeguard the reactor from going critical. His work gained him recognition both nationally and internationally. Kenneth’s work was also valuable to the U.S. government; he had Q clearance, the highest security level for top secret government work.

Ronald L. Burr
Class of 1959

Ronald Burr, Ph.D., is honored for his contribution to world peace. He has directed more than twenty international peace projects on six continents with the Religious Youth Service. He was awarded the Washington Times National Service Award for his international social service learning activities for peace. In addition, Ronald has written numerous scholarly publications, has edited the book Parallel Developments: A Comparative History of Ideas, has presented or organized many workshops, and has received more than a dozen grants. He serves as the Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Southern Mississippi.

2004 Inductees

Robert Orth
Class of 1953

Robert Orth is honored for his life-saving work with Emergency Medical Services. His EMS work began in 1976 when he completed the second EMT class offered in Kansas. After that Robert helped to establish an ambulance service in Sublette that was staffed with trained personnel. He then served as the director of that service for 26 years. In addition, Robert has trained tens of thousands of EMTs all over Kansas. In Sublette alone, Bob has worked with 103 EMTs, thirty of which are still active today.

Robert’s honors include the following: 1988 Kansas EMT Association Norman E. McSwain Award, 1995 Kansas EMT Association Lyle E. Eckhart Award, 1998 Kansas EMT Association Outstanding Instructor/Coordinator Award, 2002 Southwest Kansas EMS Council Irvin E. Powell Award, and 2004 Southwest Kansas EMS Council Lifetime Achievement Award of Appreciation.

Richard Duncan
Class of 1954

Richard is honored for excellence in education and in teaching. During his 37 year teaching career, Richard taught mathematics, biological science, and computer science. In fact, he was the first teacher with a computer and the first computer teacher at SHS. Richard’s excellence in teaching was recognized early in his career when he received the Jaycee s Outstanding Young Teacher Award

Richard’s circle of influence includes teachers as well as students. He served as chief negotiator for the Sublette Teacher’s Association. He was president of the local Teacher’s Association. He served on the State Teacher’s Association Salary Commission for 12 years and maintained membership in the State of Kansas Mathematics School Improvement Team.

James William Bailey
Class of 1957

James Bailey’s life is marked by his love for linguistics. Not only is he fluent in Spanish, but he has also studied Portuguese and French. As a highly successful instructor of Spanish, he enriched the lives of his students by influencing and teaching them to be bilingual. During his thirty-five years of teaching, he helped to prepare over five thousand junior and senior high school students for a world where speaking more than one language is an essential skill.

James’s work with Spanish didn’t stop with his study of the language; it expanded to serving Spanish speaking people as well. As a mission’s liaison for his church, he devoted his time and energy to establishing and developing a mission for the Mayan people of Southern Mexico.

2005 Inductees

Russell Winter
Class of 1939

Russell Winter influenced the banking industry on the local, state, and national levels. On the local level, he served with both The Haskell County State Bank and The State Bank of Satanta, where he was CEO for 38 years, and he was president of the Southwest Kansas Bankers Administration Institute. On the state level, he served as treasurer of the Kansas Bankers Association and was a member of the Kansas State Banking Board. On the national level, Russell served as the State Vice President for the American Bankers Association in Washington D.C.

Russell has worked in various roles in county government and on various community boards. He was instrumental in establishing Haskell County Grain and the Cimarron Valley Golf Course.

Russell is a 53-year member of the Masonic Lodge, currently a 32nd degree.

Kenneth Winter
Class of 1965

Kenneth Winter is honored for his design contributions to aviation and national defense. As Research and Development Manager for Aeromet Corporation, Ken provided data gathering and monitoring platforms for the U.S. military. Aeromet holds the patent on one of Ken’s designs, a dropsonde delivery system that is necessary to deploy critical missile monitoring instrumentation.

Much of the data Ken helped gather was important to national defense. He worked with the U.S. Department of Defense in the final days of Operation Desert Shield in gathering data that was imperative in the strategic planning of Operation Desert Storm.

Ken’s remarkable talent earned him the nickname ‘The Chuck Yeager of Light Aircraft. His homebuilt aircraft, the Vari Viggen, is one of only four that have been constructed and flown.

2006 Inductees

Walter Birney
Class of 1952

Walter Birney has been the coordinating force behind the National Missionary Convention for the past 40 years. Through this work he has helped to mobilize churches for world evangelism, to recruit new missionaries, and to encourage existing missionaries. Walter has helped motivate thousands of people to be involved in world evangelism.

His dedication to world evangelism began during his tenure at the Copeland Christian Church, where he served as pastor for 20 years. It was here that he vowed to do everything possible for one man to do for world evangelism.

In 1967 Walter agreed to coordinate the National Missionary Convention. He continued this part time work until 1985 when he became the full-time director. Under Walter'˜s leadership, the convention has grown in attendance from approximately 1000 to 8000 people. One hundred seventy decisions for missionary service were made during the 2003 convention.

Jery Bailey
Class of 1961

Jery Bailey’s 40-year teaching career is distinguished by his commitment to help students make right decisions about their lives. Jery taught with the conviction that teaching must involve more than the telling of facts; it must also reach the hearts of the students in order to affect the students’ decisions and actions. Among his greatest accomplishments are his former students and the successes they have had in life.

To celebrate Sublette High School’s 60th anniversary, Jery and his 1980 College Prep English class recorded SHS history by publishing a two-volume set of booklets about SHS and her graduates.

During the 15 years that Jery served as USD #374’s Curriculum Coordinator, he helped set standards for teaching strategies, techniques, and assessments. Jery received the Jaycee’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award and was recognized by Kansas University for 40 years of continuous teaching in Kansas.

2007 Inductees

Marjorie Barton
Class of 1944

Marjorie Barton has been instrumental in bringing music to the world around her. From her childhood days when she began singing in the church choir until today, she has brightened the lives of others with her musical skills. She has composed’ and published over twenty songs. Each song was written to honor someone special.

Marjorie has been a member of the Order of the Easter Star for 58 years. During this time she served in many positions of leadership including Worthy Matron, Grand Soloist, Grand Chaplain, and Grand Conductress. Then in 1974, she was elected Worthy Grand Matron aver 411 chapters and 90,000 members.

During her term as Worthy Grand Matron, Marjorie chose Psalm 104:33 as her personal Scripture: ‘I will sing to the Lord all my life.; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Marjorie’s passion for improving the lives of others has compelled her to work with numerous charitable endeavors. Thousands of copies ˜of her published compositions have been sold, and the proceeds donated to various charities. When she saw the need for a new piano at the St. James United Methodist Church, she raised the money to purchase one. From 1976 to 1979 she raised over $11,000 for the Shriner’s Hospital.

Karolyn Kells
Class of 1965

Karolyn Kells, PH.D., RN., is honored for her influence on the nursing profession in. both academic and clinical work. Her research on the ability of blind people to detect obstacles in unfamiliar environments was presented in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, a magazine that publishes research by some of the world’s leading nurses. Her research has also been published in Kansas Nurse. Karolyn has presented her research at nursing conferences both nationally and internationally.

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing at Fort Hays State University, she coordinates the graduate nursing education track and baccalaureate outreach delivery. She has taught graduate and undergraduate nursing courses and has developed internet courses for both levels. She has clinical experience in medical, surgical, pediatrics, urology, coronary care, orthopedics, and psychiatric.

Karolyn’s awards include: Excellence in Nursing Education from the Nu Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau; Outstanding Online Teaching from the Colleague to Colleague Kansas Educational Organization; and Award of Excellence in Advising from Fort Hays State University.

Karolyn is a member of the Society of Rogerian Scholars, American Nursing Association, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi-Kappa-Phi and a past member of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association.

2008 Inductees

Dr. Jean Hicks
Class of 1947

Dr. Hicks credits her fight for life as a child as a lifelong driving force for achievement and success. After graduating Valedictorian of her class in 1947, Gene went on to marry a successful Civil Engineer and followed her husband throughout Kansas and much of the world. She continued her education in her forties and achieved several degrees, including a Ph.D. Gene worked as a postal clerk/carrier, a newspaper reporter and an educator, becoming the first female Superintendent in a Kansas public school. Dr. Hicks spent the last part of her career as a researcher and authored several studies on the transportation industry. Gene considers her friends from school and childhood to be her greatest treasures.

Nancy Weeks
Class of 1966

Nancy Weeks, a 1966 graduate of Sublette High School, has spent much of her professional career serving the citizens of Haskell County. Since 1972, Nancy has worked in the Treasurer’s Office and has served as County Treasurer since 1974. During that time, Nancy has served in offices at both the state and national levels. In fact, she won an Outstanding Treasurer’s Award at the National Level. Nancy is recognized as a very active and influential person with the goal of helping Kansas taxpayers as well as a mentor to other County Treasurers. In her private life, Nancy is known as a dedicated Christian woman and a natural church leader. Among her church activities are church choir director, church musician, and the leader of a church ministry in jails, reaching out to people with shattered lives. She is an asset to her community.

Dr. Bill Hessman
Class of 1978

Bill Hessman graduated from Sublette High School in 1978 and earned his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 1985. After achieving success as a young vet, Bill became the owner and operator of Haskell County Animal Hospital in Sublette in 1986, independently mixing animal practice and specializing in feed yard consulting. Dr. Hessman was able to pioneer the economic benefits of testing and removing bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) cattle from entering feedlots and developed a method for testing for BVDV. His company successfully tests cattle for the disease in Kansas, as well as in the nation. Dr. Hessman has authored many articles on bovine viral diarrhea virus, and he is considered a world expert on the subject. Bill is a prime example of the “local boy who has done well.”

2009 Inductees

Raymond Lee Bird
Class of 1922

Raymond Lee Bird was a. member of the third graduating class of Sublette High School in 1922. Following high school, he taught school at the New Moon School located southeast of Sublette. Raymond completed his education by graduating valedictorian of his class from Southwestern College at Winfield, Kansas. Mr. Bird had great musical talent and played the clarinet, beautifully. While at Southwestern College, Raymond’s musical instructor soon realized that Raymond was musically gifted, and so Raymond became the orchestra leader. He joined four other musicians to form a gospel band, and they traveled all over the country, playing at churches. Raymond returned to the farm southeast of Sublette, where he and his mother had homesteaded. Raymond was an innovator and inventor. He was one of the first to have electricity on his farm by using a wind charger and batteries. He was also one of the first farmers to have running water by using a motor pump jack. Raymond figured out how to hook up multiple tractors to pull implements driven by only one man. One of his greatest inventions was to formulate a moving irrigation pipe system, making him the first person in the area to employ such a system. Mr. Bird was an active member of the Sublette Methodist Church, and one of his most notable experiences was receiving the keys to the new church building because he was chairman of the board of trustees at that time. After a long illness, Raymond passed away in 1960. Before dying, Raymond accomplished one more first: he was the first person to have a bone marrow transplant in Boston, Though the surgeons pronounced the operation a success, it was performed too late, and Raymond died three days later from previous complications. Raymond’s contributions to his family, to his community, and to agriculture will long be remembered by those who knew him.

Dr. Uel Wayne Birney
Class of 1980

Wayne was born in Garden City, Kansas, but he spent most of his adult life living and working in Sublette, Kansas. Wayne attended Sublette schools and graduated from high school in the spring of 1980. In high school, Wayne proved to be an excellent student and a superior track athlete. He started college at Pratt Junior College on a track scholarship in the fall of 1980. Wayne transferred to Fort Hays College and finished the requirements to be accepted to Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1987. Wayne returned to his home town of Sublette in 1987, after successfully passing his state board exams. Dr. Birney opened a chiropractic business in Sublette in 1988, and he became certified in Diagnostics during his busy practice, In 1993 Wayne also purchased a chiropractic business in Garden City and practiced from both offices until he became ill. In December of 1983 Wayne married Julie Kennedy, and the couple raised three boys: Russel Trent, Kaleb Shane, and Derek Dalton. These boys proved to be the love of Wayne and Julie’s lives. Wayne loved children and coached athletics, taught at the Christian school, and worked with the recreation center and the public schools by coaching and mentoring young students and athletes. Wayne was an active and talented EMT from 1989 to 2006. He. served on the Sublette Hospital Board, and was a Sublette City Council member for eight years, serving as the Mayor of Sublette for two years. Despite his illness, Wayne volunteered for many positions and continued to aid people with illnesses and problems. Dr. Wayne Birney was greatly respected by his classmates and his community for his friendliness and his tenacity. No one who watched him in track could forget his barrel chest as he ran the quarter mile. Wayne died in January 2006 after a long and courageous fight with his illness, but he will not be forgotten for his love, compassion, and dedication to his family and his community.

2010 Inductees

Carol Ann (Odgers) Zimmerman
Class of 1967

Probably three important themes emerge when one writes about the life and accomplishments of Carol Ann Zimmerman: her life in farming, involving all activities related to agriculture; her volunteerism and contributions to 4-H and AFS intercultural Programs; and her international travels and connections with foreign students from many different countries.

Carol grew up on the family farm south of Sublette, and she spent her entire life in farming and livestock production. She was extremely active in 4-H, both as a member and as a leader. Carol Ann held many positions in 4-H over a forty year span. She participated in county and state fairs for many years.

With her husband Allen, the Zimmermans raised two sons, Steven and Bradley, who have all contributed to the success of ZM farms, Inc., with her brother, Charles, and parents, Marvin and Barbara.

Carol Ann’s volunteerism includes a remarkable history with the AFS (American Field Service) program, as well as with her church and her community. Carol Ann’s association with foreign students began when she was only 8, when her parents hosted a student from the Philippines. For over four decades Carol Ann help to build the AFS organization, both in Sublette and surrounding communities. Carol Ann was able to establish a parental friendship with more than 20 students from all over the world and friendships with hundreds more with whom she keeps lasting relationships. Carol Ann was selected to receive the prestigious Galatti Award for her grassroots contribution to the AFS in 2009.

Carol Ann and her husband have enjoyed a virtual United Nations of experiences in their home as well as in their travels throughout the globe. Carol Ann stated, ‘It’s wonderful to go and experience their cultures in their homes as they are, rather than as a tourist in a hotel room. Together and separately, the Zimmermans have traveled to Europe, New Zealand, and Africa. Their future plans include a trip to the Orient and Latin America. To her credit, Carol Ann has allowed many young people, both at home and abroad, to see America as it really is, a country of hope and opportunity.

Wayne Walter
Class of 1952

Wayne Walter’s lifetime accomplishments are marked by his dedication to educate the public about the nutritional values of lean pork. His leadership role in the pork industry began on the local level when he was elected President of the Southwest Swine Improvement Association. From there he was elected President of the Kansas Pork Producers Council and that followed with the top position on the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). Under Wayne’s leadership, the NPPC promoted lean pork through its Lean Guide to Pork Value Program. Out of this came the highly successful advertising campaign Pork, the Other White Meat. Wayne’s efforts also led to the addition of the McRib sandwich to the menu at McDonalds.

Wayne not only sought to educate the public about pork, he also fought tirelessly to improve market conditions of pork through the Pork Check Off and Lean 4 programs. In Washington D.C. he championed the cause of pork producers to President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George Bush,, and Secretary of Agriculture John Block and saved pork producers millions of dollars due to his recommendations.

Following his tenure with the NPPC, Wayne took on the challenge of influencing the world market as chairman of the Meat Export Federation. His duties took him to 23 countries where he met with dignitaries for the purpose of increasing the exports of American pork.

Raising and promoting pork haven’t been Wayne’s only accomplishments. Wayne served for over 30 years on the Board of Elders and Deacons at the Sublette Christian Church. Many students who called him Coach bear witness to the positive influence he had on their lives and character. Wayne’s dedication to the future generations led him to start the Wall of Honor program at Sublette High School. He wanted to encourage students to see the possibilities of what they can achieve with a diploma from Sublette High School.

2011 Inductees

Charles Baker
Class of 1946

Charles C. Baker, class of 1946, comes from a long line of educators and coaches.  Charley received his college degrees from Emporia State University and Central Washington State University.  During his illustrious coaching career, Charley coached track, football and basketball.  Many of his athletes became successful at the collegiate level as well as the professional level, and some were even Olympic performers.

Charles was an accomplished referee, coach and trainer at all levels for many years.  Some of his outstanding athletes included Lee Evans, who set a world record in 1968 at the Mexico City Olympic Games in the 400 meters of 43.8 seconds; Evans also anchored the 1600 meter relay team in a world record 2.54 seconds in the same competition.  Other athletes whom Charles coached were Darrell Walker and Derek Fisher.  Several of his teams won championships, and many individuals whom he coached won worldwide recognition. 

In addition to coaching and teaching, Charles successfully worked in banking, sales, and real estate.  Charles has been married to Sue for sixty-three years, and the couple has two daughters:  the oldest, Meg Ann Wattt, married to John Watt and their daughter Mamie Ruth Watt, aged ten and younger daughter, Amy Sue Stout, and her husband, Greg Stout. 

In high school and college, Charles was a gifted athlete as well as a talented student.  He was blessed to have had his father, Cecil Baker, as a coach and teacher!  Charles went on to play basketball and football and ran track in college.

Charles helped his family in the cleaning and pressing business, as well as a men’s and women’s clothing store in Sublette.  Charley served in the U.S. Air Force beginning in 1951, and he returned to Kansas after his military service to finish his collegiate studies. 

Charles developed a well-earned reputation as a personable, gracious individual who has greatly contributed his love and commitment to his family, his country, his community, and to his God.  Hi is another fine example of the types of students who have graduated from Sublette High School. 

Presently, Charles is living in Tucson, Arizona.  He still works and enjoys his family and his busy life.

Jim Creeden
Class of 1958

One of Jim Creeden’s classmates of the class of 1958 said of Jim, “Jim has achieved much more than most people would have ever thought possible.”  Born and raised in Sublette, Kansas, Jim has spent his entire life serving his community, his family, and his God.

Jim came from a very large, tough family, and he not only survived, but he prevailed.  He was an outstanding football player in high school, especially on defense.  Few guards at SHS ever hit a runner as hard as Jim did.

After high school, Jim’s life really took off when he married Gladys Livingston.  He soon became a Christian, and that choice greatly affected his life.  He developed into a fine gentleman, a devoted husband, a loving father, and an outstanding supporter and worker for his Sublette community.  He served as a volunteer coach during the summers when his sons played baseball and became a father figure to many young boys in town.  When his sons were in school, Jim was an active supporter of Sublette sports teams and an avid member of the booster club. 

Together, Jim and Gladys raised three outstanding sons who all received college educations and successful careers.  Jim became highly involved in his church, the Sublette Nazarene Church, where he was the janitor, served on the church board, and took part in all church activities.  He has gained a reputation as a great Christian witness and an enthusiastic proponent of worthy causes.

Jim started his work career with Sublette Cooperative right out of high school.  He spent many years with this business and worked his way up to station manager before he retired.

For over fifty years, Jim served Sublette and Haskell County as a volunteer fireman.  He worked with the fire department to develop an efficient, dependable organization, even risking his life on occasion.  He helped train many of the young firemen and became known as a mentor and leader. 

Jim is well respected in his hometown, and his service and devotion to his family, his church, his work ethic, and his community has made him a reputable graduate of Sublette High School. 

2012 Inductees

Doral “Skip” Lee Mancini
Class of 1960

Although born in Oklahoma in 1942, Doral “Skip” Lee Mancini has spent most of her life in Kansas, in or around Sublette. Her father, R.F. Lee, was a veteran of WW II and became a pharmacist, and for 40 years operated and owned Sublette Drug. She attended schools in Sublette from the fourth grade through high school and worked in her parents’ drug store.

Skip gained her Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1964, and later earned a Masters degree from San Francisco State College. She married Vincent Mancini in 1965 and spent eight years in the Bay Area, working in all areas of the theatre scene, including direction, choreography, teaching, acting, and technical theatre.

In 1972 Skip returned to Southwest Kansas, where her husband formed an architectural firm, and she developed a community arts program based on the work she had done in California. This program became the Garden City Arts Program and developed theater, dance and music classes, and performances for children, teens and adults. In 1977 she helped develop a community theater program which featured musicals, plays, improvisation, and dance productions.

Following her return to western Kansas, Skip was consistently involved in teaching college-level courses for Garden City Community College, both as outreach in Haskell County and as a part-time theater instructor on campus. In 1985 she accepted the position of Director of Theatre and Dance at GCCC. In 1994 she resigned that position in order to help care for her aging parents. During that time she took on duties with High Plains Public Radio, developing regional programming and serving as Interim Executive Director.

In 2001 Skip returned to GCCC and directed the Drama Department for 6 more years before retiring from her teaching career. Today, she continues to pursue new interests such as writing for High Plains Public Radio and area newspapers. She hopes to learn a second language, make her garden easier to manage, and take some long-postponed trips with her husband. She continues to produce theatrical productions as fund raisers for charitable organizations. Skip Mancini literally had theatre in her blood, from the time she was a little girl play acting for her friends and classmates, until she became regionally acclaimed in the theatre arts.

Stuart D. Forney
Class of 1958

Stuart Forney was a pioneer in the field of veterinary pharmacy. After 10 years of postgraduate study, training and experience in hospital pharmacy at the University of Colorado Medical Center, he transitioned into veterinary pharmacy at Colorado State University. There he established the first licensed pharmacy in North America to treat animals and served 24 years as the Pharmacy Director.

During his tenure, he was recognized for his pharmacy skills (management as well as formulation of products), his teaching of veterinary and pharmacy students, the computerization of the pharmacy, and his contribution to veterinary drug information. Mr. Forney attributes much of his success to the opportunities presented him and to the superb relationships he enjoyed with his pharmacy staff~ administrators, faculty, students, other hospital staff, private practitioners, clients, other university personnel, the State Board of Pharmacy, and colleagues at other institutions. The Dean of the vet school said of Mr. Forney, “His ability to deal with people is extraordinary.”

He was the recipient of CSU’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Administrative and/or Supervisory Capacity. He was twice recognized by the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy as preceptor of the year and served as the school’s delegate at the 1995 Quinquennial United States Pharmacopeia (USP) convention.

The CSU Formulary edited (and revised annually) by Mr. Forney sought to bring documented dosing consistency for the variety of species treated. In 1980, the USP formed an Advisory Panel for Veterinary Medicine to develop comprehensive information on drugs used in veterinary medicine. Mr. Forney was selected as the only pharmacist and served for 20 years on that Panel.

Mr. Forney also served on various hospital and university committees, many of which he chaired. He wrote and published articles and textbook chapters, participated in research projects, and was a consultant to the FDA on Compounding in Veterinary Medicine.

Stuart is married to Susan and the couple has two sons: Scott and his wife Kerri and Steve and his wife Sarah. Stuart has several grandchildren: Kathryn, Jonathan, Amanda, Kristen, Emily, Jason, Allison, Kelyn, and Owen. His special interests are playing the banjo, walking, reading, travel, horseshoes, cribbage, and Schafkopt.

2013 Inductees

Patsi Bale Cox
Class of 1963

Patricia (Patsi) Bale Cox was a New York Times bestselling author, magazine cover story writing journalist and music industry insider. She worked with the who’s who of country music stars including Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, Wynonna Judd, Keith Urban, David Allan Coe and Johnny Cash. She was a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Science (NARAS) and served on the Grammy nominating committee.

A graduate of Sublette High School in Sublette, KS, she went on to receive Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Fort Hays State University in Art and History. She was recognized with an Alumni Achievement Award from Fort Hays State University in 1998.

In 1968, after graduating from college, Patsi began her writing career penning features for Plaza Magazine in Kansas City. In 1974, after returning from three years in Germany and completing her Master’s degree in European History, Patsi became a co-founder of the Denver based, women’s rights advocacy publication, Colorado Woman Magazine where she served as editor and then publisher until 1980.

After leaving Colorado Woman in 1980, she began a career as a music industry writer which led to her relocation from Colorado to Nashville, TN in 1983. During her 30 years in Twangtown, she worked as a journalist, lyricist, biographer, publicist and marketing strategist. Patsi worked with virtually every major record label in Nashville, dozens of publishing houses and publicity agencies. She has written everything in Nashville from press releases to album liner notes, from record promotion biographies to scripts for syndicated radio shows and of course song lyrics. In addition to numerous independent label releases including five songs on “Safety Wise Kids,” an album that raised money and awareness for child safety in the mid- 1980’s, she co-wrote “Mighty Shield Of Armor,” with Donna Fargo whose release remained at #1 for eight weeks in Gospel Voice magazine’s charts.

The latter part of Patsi’s career was focused on co-authoring autobiographies with music and entertainment industry greats. Those books include Nickel Dreams, with Tanya Tucker which reached #2 on the New York Times bestseller list in 1997; My Life, with Jenny Jones; The View From Nashville with Ralph Emery also a New York Times top-ten business best seller; Fifty Years Down a Country Road with Ralph Emery; Still Woman Enough with Loretta Lynn, a New York Times best seller; Halfway to Paradise with Tony Orlando; 100 Ways to Beat the Blues with Tanya Tucker; Coming Home to Myself with Wynonna Judd, a top-10 New York Times bestseller; Between a Heart and A Rock Place with Pat Benatar; and The Three of Us with Georgette Jones. In 2009, Patsi released her Music Row insider opus on the career that catapulted the Nashville music industry in the 1990’s, The Garth Factor: The Career Behind Country’s Big Boom. Patsi was working on a memoir with Kenny Rogers at the time of her death.

Terry T. Torson
Class of 1980

Terry Torson, the son of Tony and Rose Torson, first moved to Sublette in 1972 and spent most of his childhood in Sublette. He attended Sublette Schools, graduating from Sublette High School in 1980. In School, Terry exhibited a love for sports and excelled in football, basketball, and especially, track. Terry said that sports provided him with “memorable experiences” and “cherished friendships.”

From age 12 through college, Terry worked as a farm laborer, learning how to work hard and appreciate the value of working the soil. During high school, and especially community college, Terry fostered a fondness for photography and television production.

Following high school, Terry went to Garden City Community College on a track scholarship. After earning an Associates’ degree at GCCC, Terry went on to Southern Illinois University, where he majored in Radio and Television and minored in Cinema and Photography. Terry graduated SIU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television in 1984.

In 1983 Terry married his high school sweetheart, Rebecca Duncan, the daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Duncan of Sublette. Becky became a radiology imaging coordinator and has worked in this medical field for over twenty nine years. Terry and Rebecca settled in the Atlanta, Georgia area, where they have spent the last 29 years pursuing their careers.

Terry’s professional career began with CNN, where he worked in about every facet of television production. He began as photo journalist, became an electronic graphics operator, an audio operator, a master control operator, a technical director, a director of control room, and finally to a technical operation manager position in 2006. He is highly skilled in his profession and is greatly respected by his peers and employers for his achievements.

Terry and Rebecca have two sons, Phillip and Taylor, and Terry had coached them and other young people for many years, especially with soccer and baseball. During their years in Atlanta, Terry and Rebecca have regularly traveled to Sublette each summer, and they have kept closely in touch with family and friends. Terry said that his community and friends have helped mold him into the success he has achieved. Terry’s tribute to his home town can be summed up by his statement, “After all these years in Atlanta, we still refer to Sublette as home and try to instill the same small town values we grew up with in our two boys.”

Ryan L. Moore, M.D. 
Class of 1993

Son of Robert and Ivy Moore, Ryan Moore was born in Dodge City, but lived most of his early life in Sublette, Kansas. He attended Sublette Schools and graduated from Sublette High School in 1993. Ryan’s only sibling, a sister, Christine, was a close friend and confidant.

In high school, Ryan was very active and well liked. He was a class officer, student council officer, an Eagle Scout, a lifeguard, played in the band, and was active in track. He enjoyed cycling, boating, camping and other vigorous activities.

Ryan possessed tremendous social skills: a wry sense of humor, long-lasting friendships, a love for life, and the ability to mix academics and sheer fun. A brilliant student, Ryan was able to balance joy and friendship with modesty in success.

Following high school, Ryan moved on to Garden City Community College, where he earned his associate's degree in Science. Ryan moved on to the University of Kansas, where he graduated in 1997 with a B.S. in Organismal Biology. Ryan completed his Doctorate of Medicine Degree at the University of Kansas Medical School in 2001. He held memberships in the American Board of Pediatrics and American Board of Internal Medicine and was a lifetime member of the American Medical Association. Ryan was board-certified in Internal Medicine as well as Pediatrics.

Ryan served as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the KU School of Medicine; he served hospitals in both Leavenworth and Lawrence, where he worked as an Emergency Room physician. Later, Ryan was appointed to become Chief of Staff at St. Francis Medical Center, Topeka, KS, where he worked as a Hospitalist. He also was active in medical missions and served as a physician at Philmont, the National Boy Scout camp.

In 2007, Ryan married Laura Menees-Moore, D.D.S. Together, Ryan and Laura had a beautiful daughter, Nico, the love of their lives. Ryan skillfully balanced several careers: as a physician, a husband, a father, an outdoor enthusiast, and a close friend to many people, including classmates, coworkers, and family.

As a medical doctor, Ryan possessed a wonderful bedside manner with both young and old, with his cheerful and optimistic joking. Ryan’s natural confidence and leadership skills could not help but guide him toward professional achievement and recognition. To quote one of his high school classmates, “During his short life, Ryan’s accomplishments and dedication to mankind was a wonderful example for generations to come.” Ryan is terribly missed by his family and friends, but he will be a lasting tribute to all who knew and loved him.

2014 Inductees

Jim Fitzgerald, M.D.
Class of 1962

A 1962 graduate of Sublette High School, Dr. Jim Fitzgerald was probably the first SHS graduate to become a medical doctor.  Jim has certainly dedicated his life to service and generosity to the communities he has served.  One of Jim’s colleagues called Dr. Fitzgerald “the epitome of that part of the medical profession that exhibits integrity in all they do.”  Another medical colleague called Jim, “a man of moral character and a caring person.”

Jim Fitzgerald’s early life was spent in Sublette, where he attended Sublette schools.  Over the years, Jim has maintained a close, personal relationship with many of his classmates and childhood friends.  He never forgot his roots and served many small communities in Kansas, such as Atwood, Goodland, Baxter Springs, and Liberal.

Jim earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and later completed his pre-med and medical studies from Memphis State University, Florissant Valley College, completing his Doctor of Medical degree from Cebu Institute of Medicine in Cebu, Philippines in 1977.  Jim is Board certified in Emergency Medicine.  In nearly forty years of medical service, Dr. Fitzgerald has served family practice, substance abuse medicine and emergency medicine, as well as many other areas of medical practice.

Prior to becoming a medical doctor, Jim gained experience in several fields:  banking, pharmaceutical sales and in the military.  Jim acquired the rank of major with the Active Army Reserves/Kansas National Guard.  Throughout his medical career, Jim worked to save lives and provide medical assistance to underserved areas.  Jim is an active member of several medical associations and has gained advanced training, and maintains licensure in several medical fields.

Today, Jim lives most of the year in Costa Rica, where he manages plantation crops and supplies the local communities with food and care.  Jim is a credit to the schools and community of Sublette.  He is blessed with a great sense of humor and a genuine concern for people.

Mike Sherwood
Class of 1954

Mike Sherwood is a 1954 graduate of Sublette High School and a fixture in the Sublette community and Haskell County.  Mike has spent the majority of his life in the Sublette area.

After graduating from SHS, Mike went on to serve his country in the U.S. Military.  Following military service, Mike came back to Haskell County, where he worked the family farm and began a crop-spraying business in addition to his farming business, and he continues to farm.  He has spent countless hours in the field, as well as in the air, demonstrating his love for the land.

Mike’s life story is one of grooming good work ethics in others.  Those who know Mike are witnesses to his strong family ties and community values.  Mike has always displayed a cheerful and optimistic attitude toward life and people in general.  As a positive role model in the community, Mike has always been an avid supporter of Lark activities in the classrooms and sports venues.  He has a genuine interest in kids and their goals for the future.

Mike exemplifies the meaning of a lifelong learner.  He is a strong worker in his church, the Rotary Club, the Sublette American Legion, and the Sublette Booster Club.  His membership and leadership covers a litany of Boards and organizations:  Sublette American Legion, Sublette Jaycees, Sublette Cooperative Board, Sublette School Board, Sublette City Council, Hospital Board, Masonic Lodge, Cemetery Board, a Boy Scouts Master, and many others.  In 1999, Mike was selected as Kansas State Master Farmer and was a Board Member of the Kansas Aerial Application Board and the National Board.

Mike has helped to make Sublette a progressive community and represents a positive steward of the land and water.  He is an outspoken champion of this region and its assets.  Mike is married to Mary Jo Sherwood, and the couple have a son, Rusty Sherwood.

Mike Sherwood did not seek honor, but he has earned honor and accomplished respect.  SHS can be proud of Mike and all of his achievements.

2015 Inductees

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2016 Inductees

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2017 Inductees

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2018 Inductees

Zack Holland
Class of 1992

The 2018 recipient of the Wall of Honor Award is Zack Holland from the Class of 1992. Zack is married to Melissa, and the couple has three daughters: Meghan, Zoe, and Reese.

Zack earned a Bachelor of Science Degree with Distinction in Petroleum Engineering in 1996 from the University of Kansas. He also earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2004 from Oklahoma State University. Zack is a founding partner in Felix Energy, located in Denver, Colorado, and most recently served as Vice President – Engineering.

Felix Energy was capitalized in 2013 by private equity firm Encap Investments with $400 million. In 2015, Felix sold its first oil and gas project, located in Oklahoma, to Devon Energy for $1.9 billion. Following that sale, Felix was recapitalized by Encap with $500 million and, as of 2018, was actively developing an oil project in the Permian Basin.

Prior to Felix, Zack held a variety of engineering roles at Anadarko Petroleum, Samson Resources, Dominion E & P, Chesapeake Energy, and Devon Energy. Zack also founded Batavia Farms in 2017 with a focus on irrigated farmland in Haskell County. 

Zack recognized that his success sprang from the support of strong mentors/teachers. Starting in 2016, Zack created the following scholarships in their honors: for Zack’s high school math teacher, the Richard L. Duncan Perfect Circle Scholarship for Sublette High School graduates pursuing STEM-related degrees, for Zack’s fraternity chapter advisor, the Terry Wilson Kansas Alpha Leadership Award for high achieving brothers in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Kansas. In honor of Zack’s band director, the Thomas M. Stidham Scholarship for band members at the University of Kansas with a focus on woodwind players, and for Zack’s petroleum engineering professor, the Don W. Green Engineering Scholarship for engineering students at the University of Kansas. 

Zack has demonstrated dedication and contribution to others and has touched the lives of many with his commitment and devotion to friends, family, and community. Indeed, Sublette High School can be proud of the accomplishments and success of this inspirational man.

2019 Inductees

LtCol Tyler Holland

Class of 1996


The 2019 Recipient of the Wall of Honor Award is LtCol Tyler Holland from the Class of 1996.


Tyler is the son of Jim and Jan Holland and is married to Jessi, and the couple has two daughters and a son: Jaylin, Abby, and Garet.


Tyler earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting in 2001 from Fort Hays State University.


LtCol Holland is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, HI. He was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps on 10 Aug 2001.


He has served as a logistics officer with the 2d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion at Camp Lejeune, NC, deploying to Iraq in 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was selected to attend flight school in Pensacola, FL, and Corpus Christi, TX, and was designated as a Naval Aviator on 15    December 2006.


His flying career has consisted of two tours with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 (VMGR-252) flying the KC-130J Super Hercules and as an exchange officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in Trenton, Ontario.


He has also served with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit as the Air Officer and Assistant Operations Officer.


His career has allowed him to lead Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Europe, and at sea, and he has conducted humanitarian operations from the furthest northern reaches of the Arctic, central Africa, and the Caribbean; supporting the local population and American citizens recover from disasters, provide aid, or evacuate hostile areas overcome by civil war.


Prior to his tour in Hawaii, he was in charge of all Marine Corps KC-130J aircrew training; producing 32 pilots and 80 enlisted crewmembers on a yearly basis. The weight of a military career is not only shouldered by the person in uniform but oftentimes more so by the ones at home. Without his family by his side, he would not be where he is today. The example provided by his parents, siblings, employers, teachers, and coaches throughout his youth, laid the foundation for his success in the Marine Corps and his future endeavors.


Sterling Hall

Class of 1971

Sterling loves his Sublette Community. He has devoted most of his life to making Sublette and the organizations he loves a better place for everyone.


After graduating from Sublette High in 1971 and carrying on the family tradition of becoming a 1975 graduate of the University of Kansas in Business Administration, he learned from his mother and father, Ed and Eltrude Hall, that to be a part of your community is to be active in your community, wherever that community might be.


He carried on his father's legacy by joining the Delta Chi Fraternity at the University of Kansas and served as vice president. He served in the Senate of KU and helped establish a bus payment system to enable students’ transportation on campus.


After marrying Jacqueline Sloan in 1976, also a KU graduate, the couple moved back to Sublette and adopted three children: Melissa and twin boys Landon and Trenton, and the service began.


He then started expanding his service work to include being President of the Sublette Schools Foundation, was on the State Board of Harley Davidson, Past District Governor of Rotary, a board member of the Sublette City council, and an officer of the Sons of American Legion, President of the Pride of Life, President of Sublette Enterprises and a Life member of the Williams Fund, for his beloved University of Kansas. Sterling came across a Mark Twain quote that said: "There are two important dates in your life: the day you were born, and the day you discovered why!" Service Above Self- this is Sterling's why!.



2020 Inductees

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2021 Inductees

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2022 Inductees

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2023 Inductees

Gary L. Giles, Ph.D. 
Class of 1958

Gary Giles was recognized worldwide for his research on developing innovative methods for analyzing and designing aircraft and spacecraft structures.

His education began as the only student in his grade in a one-room school in northern Haskell County. After graduating from Sublette High School, he received a bachelor's and a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University. His final degree was a Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from the University of Virginia.

Gary spent his entire career at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. His significant contributions included developing a system of computer codes to assess the integrity of the tiles on the space shuttle orbiter before the first flight. These tiles protected the shuttle's surface from the extreme heat during reentry. Gary's system was critical in analyzing thousands of tiles to provide data needed to make decisions that led to the successful flight of the shuttle orbiter Columbia. Another notable contribution was developing an innovative computer program used in the early phases of aircraft structural design. Engineers used the program to create analytical models of aircraft structures, significantly reducing the computational time required over conventional methods. This program allowed engineers to design the structure of alternative aircraft configurations rapidly. Gary and the designers used this program in the aircraft industry and universities to study advanced commercial aircraft and supersonic transport designs. Gary received a NASA Software of the Year Award for developing this program.

Gary wrote numerous NASA publications and engineering journal articles, promoting the worldwide use of his work. He contributed to the professional community and served in an advisory role to graduate students. He served as Technical Program Chairman and General Chairman of an annual international conference on Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials.

In recognition of his contribution to aviation, Gary's name is on the Wall of Honor at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Gary takes pride in his name being on the same small wing-shaped plaque as fellow Kansan Amelia Earhart.

Mitch Messerly
Class of 1976

Mitch Messerly was dedicated to serving the Sublette community and the Sublette school system. He attended Sublette schools and graduated from Sublette High School in 1976. While in high school, he was involved in football, basketball, track, S-Club, student council, and band and served as president of his senior class. After graduating from high school, he attended Fort Hays State University and graduated with a degree in Agronomy. He returned to the family farm in Haskell County, where he demonstrated his love for the land and passion for growing corn.

In 1987, Mitch married Beverly Benda. The couple was blessed with two children, Paul and Anna. Mitch's dedication to his children and love for sports led him to coach t-ball, designated pitch, little league baseball, youth basketball, and youth football. Mitch's interest was not only in youth activities, but also thoroughly enjoyed participating in men's town-team basketball and men's softball.

In 1997, Mitch started a committee of patrons to raise funds to build a much-needed high school football stadium to replace the old bleachers. The committee appealed to businesses, the community, and alumni for funding to help make the project a reality.

In 2000, with the help of one of his friends, they started and coached the Sublette youth football program to enable young boys to participate in a football program before attending middle school.

Mitch was co-chair of the committee whose "Vote Yes for Kids" campaign led to the passing of the 2000 bond issue. At the high school, the funding provided a second gym, locker rooms, science classrooms, and a media center to connect the high school and middle school, as well as adding air conditioning to the existing gym and remodeling the auditorium and other areas. The bond issue funding also led to the construction of six new classrooms at the elementary school and the renovation of several areas in that facility.

In 2004, Mitch headed a committee that led to the school board approving the start of the Sublette High School baseball program. As part of the proposal, private funds were raised to fund the baseball program for the first year.

Mitch's involvement in Sublette did not end with community sports and the school system. He served on the Sublette City Council for five years and as Mayor of Sublette for seven years. He was also an active Sublette Southern Baptist Church member and served on the Haskell County Farm Bureau board.

On a more personal level, Mitch provided "anonymous" service to members of his community by cleaning the snow out of the driveways of friends and neighbors during the winter and leaving bags of sweet corn on the steps of those same friends and neighbors during the summer. Mitch was blessed with a great sense of humor, a cheerful personality, and a genuine concern for others.

Mitch's life was cut short at the age of 51, but the projects he was involved in to improve his school and community will last for generations. His passion and drive led him to not only "see" a need but also to "seize" the opportunity to turn the needs into accomplishments. His accomplishments have an ongoing positive impact on each person in the Sublette school system and each member of the Sublette community.

Sublette High School Wall of Honor Selection Committee is accepting nominations for the 2024 inductee.  Nominees must be a graduate of Sublette High School in 2004 or before.  Nominees should be positive role models for future SHS graduates. Other qualifications that the committee will consider include professional accomplishments and community service.

Nominations must be received by May 1, 2024. Send your nomination to the SHS Wall of Honor Selection Committee  C/O: 

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