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Frosty the Windshield

Yesterday morning I was troubled when I stopped and counted the number of cars in the high school parking lot with frost still covering the majority of the front windshield.  I counted six and didn'€™t even count the number of cars with frost completely covering the side and rear windows.  I would like to know how many of those drivers came across pedestrians on the side of the road or at crosswalks on their way to school.  The drivers of some of those vehicles probably couldn'€™t answer that question, because they couldn'€™t see the pedestrians. 

The recent news headlines have been scattered with articles such as "Frost on Windshield Played Role in Student's Accident"€ and "€œFrost on Windshield Blamed for Injury Accident."  These are actual headlines that have appeared in both local and Wichita area news.  With the first headline, an eighteen year old driver hit a 14 year old pedestrian; causing the 14 year old serious injuries.  The second headline had a story attached where an 18 year old driver hit a vehicle driven by a seventeen year old; causing the 17 year old to suffer a broken pelvis and other injuries.  A driver in both of these accidents was cited for obstructed view due to frost being on the windshield.

Sublette, Kansas is not immune to these headlines and events.  Just last month, I worked a two vehicle accident involving students at Sublette High School.  In that particular accident, a student drove though an intersection and hit a car that had just turned off onto the same road.  The driver of the car going through the intersection didn'€™t see the other car due to excessive frost on the windshield.  

The accident that occurred in Sublette was a non-injury accident thankfully.  During the winter months, we all need to realize that it will take a little extra time to get to our destinations in the morning.  Plan enough time to either scrap all your windows off or go out and start your vehicles with enough time to melt the frost, ice, or snow.  Scraping a 2 x 2 patch off your front window only gives you tunnel vision, which has similar results to driving impaired.  Taking a little extra time to clean your windshield may save you time in the end and keep the streets of Sublette much safer for other pedestrians and motorists.