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Sublette USD 374


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Graduation Requirements

Upon satisfactory completion of the following requirements, a student may be eligible to graduate from and participate in graduation exercises of the Sublette High School:

1.    He/she shall have satisfied the requirements of the Kansas State Department of Education.

2.    He/she shall have earned a total of twenty-five units of course credit. (Beginning with the class of 2011, the total credits required to graduate is twenty-eight.)

3.    He/she shall have been in school attendance for a minimum of eight semesters following completion of Grade Eight. PROVIDED: That a student may, through the high school principal, file a written petition with the Board of Education for special consideration and waiver of requirements 2 and 3 above. The Board shall consider the petition on the basis of the superintendent’s recommendation for or against approval.

PROVIDED FURTHER: Any student enrolled under the provisions of KSA 72-933 and amendments thereof (Special Education), whether or not attending classes in USD No.374, may be eligible to graduate from and participate in graduation exercises of the Sublette High School subject to the following:

1.    The principal of the high school or institution at which the student is attending certifies to the principal of Sublette High School that the student has successfully completed the requirements of the program in which enrolled based upon state and local requirements and the student’s Individual Education Plan, and

2.    The student shall have attained an age equivalent to that of an average high school graduate (17 or.18), and

3.    The student shall have attended a minimum of twelve years of school (public or private) during which time he/she was enrolled in any of Grades I through 12 and/or a combination of such grades sequenced as “Levels” designed to provide an appropriate education.

PROVIDED FURTHER: The following thirteen (13) units are required subject areas:

         Four (4) units of English Language Arts

         Three (3) units of Social Studies

         Two (2) units of Science with at least one (1) laboratory course

         Two (2) units of Math (Three (3) units of math beginning with Class of 2009)

         One-half (1/2) unit of P.E. (waiver available)

         One-half (1/2) unit of Health

         One (1) unit of Fine Arts (Beginning with Class of 2009)

The remaining twelve (12) units may be selected by the student from any courses offered by Sublette High School.

PROVIDED FURTHER: That a resident of USD No, 374 completing requirements for high school graduation through a G.E.D. program may request (through the Board of Education) to be granted a Sublette High School Diploma provided the following criteria are met:

1.    The G.E.D. Test shall be properly certified and passed as set forth in Bulletin 701 of the Kansas Department of Education.

2.    Credit for U.S. History (one unit) and U.S. Government (one unit) shall be earned in residence at Sublette High School or through arrangements approved by the high school principal at Sublette High School in compliance with KSA 72-1103.

3.    The applicant must be 21 years of age.

4.    Credit shall not be for specific subjects, but shall be listed as G.E.D. credit on the transcript.

5.    His/her high school class must have graduated.

PROVIDED FURTHER: That any person granted a Sublette diploma under these provisions will not be allowed to have his/her picture placed in the graduation panel at Sublette High School.

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Specific questions regarding any of the information on this page may be answered by contacting:

Sublette Middle School & High School
Counseling Department

Amy Woods, District Counselor

Jessica Murphy, Academic & Career Guidance Counselor

PO Box 460
Sublette, KS 67877

Office: 620.675.8259
Fax: 620.675.8347

E-mail: awoods@usd374.org

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